How it works

We have two types of boxes:

Regular and Subscription

Regular Products

Our REGULAR BOXES are dispatched within 1-5 working days and can be purchased at any time, pending stock availability!

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Subscription boxes

Our SUBSCRIPTION BOXES are monthly, and they are available to order the month before they are dispatched.

Take an October Box: it goes on sale on the first day of the prior month (September 1st in this example) and is available to purchase until September 20th (or until it sells out, whichever happens first).

All of our monthly boxes then ship out on/by the first working day of the named month. So for an October Box, that would be on or by October 1st.

The 20th is also the last day you can cancel or skip your subscription for the following month, as we will be packing your order after this day.

We tend to sell out quickly, so we recommend ordering as early in the month as possible!

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Every monthly Spoonie Box contains:


The contents of our Regular Boxes can always be seen in full on their product pages.

The contents of our Subscription Boxes used to be a surprise and can be kept that way with a monthly subscription, but if you'd rather know, you can now see our current monthly box's contents and ingredients here, and you can also check out our previous boxes here.

Examples of previously included items range from vegan truffles, to a soothing aches & pains cream, to a magazine written by and for spoonies - all hand-picked to make you smile, and often written/made by fellow spoonies!

The items are not medical in nature, but are often practical and address common chronic illness lifestyle needs (like a medical diary, or a super cute pillbox).

If your order is a gift, you can also include a personalised message in your box on the cart page.

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Why Choose Spoonie Box?

We're not just another self-care box. Our products are hand-picked for spoonies, by a spoonie. Ranging from the practical, to items by fellow spoonie makers and authors, to yummy treats selected with health and dietary limitations in mind. Just have a look at our previous boxes for more examples! We also aim to provide a sense of validation, empathy, and community in every box.

Thatʼs why our selection is so specific, and why each of our monthly subscription boxes also comes with a letter from someone in the chronic illness community.

We're a spoonie business, and we support fellow spoonie businesses, makers, and authors by including their products in our boxes every chance we get.

We believe in shopping local and small, and in building a community around this via our Instagram and Facebook pages.

#shopsmall #shopspoonie

We care about the planet and its creatures, which is why we spend extra to ensure our materials are sustainable, and why we only include products that are cruelty-free.

We also do our best to always work with businesses that are similarly eco-friendly and mindful.

We care about our
customers, and we're always
happy (and ready!) to customise
boxes according to specific
dietary or other needs.

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What Our Customers Say


What is a Spoonie Box?

A box full of uplifting goodies for those living with any kind of chronic health condition! The term "spoonie" refers to anyone in the chronic illness community (see "what does spoonie mean?" below).

What does “spoonie” mean? How does it relate to chronic illness?

"Spoonie" is a term designating anyone who lives with a chronic illness and its limitations, and it was coined by Christine Miserandino in her well-known short story, The Spoon Theory.

Who is the box for?

Anyone who wants one! However, they're mainly targeted to those living with a chronic illness, or anyone who wants to send them some love and support.

What’s in the box?

Each monthly box contains a mixture of luxury health/wellness items, edible/drinkable items, books/journals, and accessories. Sample items include vegan truffles, detox bath salts, and inspiring books - all hand-picked to make you smile.

The items aren’t medical in nature, but they will occasionally address common chronic illness needs (like a medical diary, or a super cute pillbox!) that are designed solely with spoonies in mind.

Every single box also contains a note from us and a letter from a fellow spoonie, so that you feel that community love!

Can I buy a one-off box for myself or as a gift?

Of course you can! Just select the current month's box in the non-renewing option right here, and if the box is a gift you can add a personal note on the cart page prior to checkout, or email us your message at contact@spoonie-box.com

When and how often will I get my box?

The boxes are monthly, and will ship out on or by the first working day of every month.

When are the boxes available to purchase?

Each monthly box goes live on our site on the first day of the previous month at midnight GMT (for example the October box went on sale on September 1st at 00:00) and will be available until the 20th of the month, or until they sell out - whichever happens first. As we are a spoonie-run business, this allows us to have enough time to pack and ship all your boxes.

I have an allergy or a dietary (or other) requirement - are your boxes safe for me?

Before adding a Spoonie Box to your cart, you will see a message asking precisely about this - as we want to make sure your box is safe for you.

Our boxes are gluten and dairy free as a default, but we are always happy (and ready!) to customise any of our boxes to meet any further dietary or other needs, should you have a problem with any of that month's items or wish to add a note to your subscription.

Please just leave a note on the cart page, or email us directly at contact@spoonie-box.com after placing your order. We'll always do our best to make it work :)

Are you animal and eco-friendly?

We pride ourselves on being as sustainable and eco-friendly as we can as a small (tiny!) business. We use plastic-free packaging except for our mailer bags (which, although plastic, are recycled and recyclable). Our boxes, packing paper, envelopes, and printer paper are all recycled, and we try to only work with product suppliers that are local, eco-conscious and ethical as well.

None of our products will ever have been tested on animals, as we are 100% against animal cruelty.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Absolutely! You can cancel at any point between the 1st and the 20th of the month. If you’ve missed the deadline of the 20th, you’ll get another box and we’ll process your cancellation starting on the following month. This is due to the fact that after the 20th we will be packing and getting ready to ship your goodies, at which point it'll be too late.

To cancel your box, just visit your ReCharge account (link on your subscription confirmation email), or email us at contact@spoonie-box.com with your full details.


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